About Us

Fairfield Rubbish Removal have been operating for over twenty years and we can provide a whole range of different services: removal of furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, desks, boxes right through to garden and e-waste. It’s a complete set of rubbish removal services for all home and business owners in Sydney and its suburbs.


We understand the pains with having unsightly rubbish, the smells and the slow and poor service from other companies. Not to mention still leaving a mess behind. Our service takes care of all your issues and has your place looking great in no time at all. You don’t need to lift a finger or go to the smelly rubbish dump. We’ll even get council approvals for certain removals.


Our committment to good service comes from our family values of honesty and integrity and doing hard work. We’ve worked with all different types of customers and we understand the different levels of expectations from them. We communicate clearly and effectively with you and manage the relationship with care.


A happy customer is a great customer and we know how important it is to recycle and look after our future generations.We take the rubbish to certified transfer stations which recycle all reusable materials.


We look forward to building a long term relationship with all our clients.